100 bags of fodder given to Goushala

Due to the situation that arose because of the lockdown in the view of Covid – 19, Bharatiya Goubank Hosaadu Goushaala has been experiencing financial crisis. In this situation the member of Canara Automobile Kumta Managing Committee, Bharat Bhandarkar has donated 100 bags of fodder of worth 1 lakh rupees for about 300 cows in the Goushala.

The price of grass fodder has reached the sky. The little income that came from the sales of compost and Gavya products has also decreased. Every year during this season tourists, donators, businessmen, merchants came from different places and as part of Gouseva donated GouGrasa and grass fodder. But in the current situation help from the donators has decreased.

Source: http://srimukha.srisamsthana.org/