About Us

Kamadugha – A holistic mission of Shri Ramachandrapura Math to popularise the benefits of protecting and conserving Desi cow (Bos Indicus) to mankind through historical evidence and research based outcomes.


Kamadugha”, meaning – gratifier of wishes – is a synonym for the Cow. Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi MahaSwamiji has given this name to this movement, as a token of ultimate respect towards Goumatha, the cow. Undivided Bharat had more than 75 breeds of cattle which can be proudly claimed as part of our heritage and are integral part of Indians, from the days of onset of civilization. Our Epics, Puranas and History endorse this truth. But the imitation zeal, scientific developments to artificially improve productivity, business mindset and modernization have lead to disgraceful developments and have caused us to forget the very man-animal relationships, especially man-cow relations nurtured as part of our culture.

KAMADUGHA is a very unique project launched on 28th April, 1998 by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji of Shree Ramachandrapuramath.

The cow for us is:

  • A loving mother feeding us with her nectar-like milk.
  • A life companion to farmers helping in farming activities.
  • A healer and a moving temple worthy of worship and veneration.

The Vision of Kamadugha movement is to reintroduce and revitalize the forgotten culture and uphold the value of heritage cows (Goumatha) for the benefit of humanity.

Mission of Kamadugha :

Kamadugha’s mission is to achieve this vision through four themes as explained below:

SamrakshaneProtection of heritage cattle breeds by Prevention of cruelty to Goumatha through education and involvement of citizens and sheltering them in Goushalas.

SamvardhaneConservation of breeds from extinction by Identifying, Saving, Retrieving and developing the heritage cattle breeds.

Sambodhane – creating Awareness by informing, educating and communicating the merits of rearing Indian heritage breeds of cattle for achieving sustainable economic, agricultural, health and cultural benefits.

Samshodhane – Carrying out Research for the development of a sustainable ecosystem based on cow for farmers, businessman and citizens and in turn the entire humanity.

It is feared with delay and lack of action by citizens and governments alike, remaining 39 breeds of Indian cow may disappear from the face of the earth in the near future and it might be too late before they realised the benefits of this wonderful gift of nature to mankind.