Malenadu Gidda Gavyotsava

In the view of conservation and enhancement of Malenadu Gidda and other unique cow breeds of Malenadu and  coastal regions, a very unique programme called Malenadu Gidda Habba was organised on 7th of March in Shivakrupa Kala Mandir of Sulya town.
This programme was inclusive of exhibition of Malenadu Gidda cows of various colours, demonstrations of food and agricultural produce  based on Malenadu Gidda cows, illustrations, display of different types of grass, honouring of people who are caring for Malenadu Gidda, discussion of various topics, Haalu Habba Satvik Food festival and other programmes were conducted. Various delicious sweet delicacies made out of milk from Malenadu Gidda, traditional eatables and different varieties of eatables made of Jackfruit were displayed and sold which became the centre of attraction of the programme. The eatables prepared and brought by Maates of various valayas were sold. Also Maates of Mahilodaya had prepared eatables with a lot of enthusiasm. With the support of the civilians the programme went on well. The fund of about 25,000 rupees collected in the Malenadu Gidda festival and at the stalls of Mahilodaya and food was donated to Jedla Goushala for the purchase of fodder during the Corona crisis.