Amruthadhara Goushala, Kolhad

One of the goushala outside the Karnataka. It was started in the year of 2005 in kolhad, Raigad district. MaRashtra Paathistana institute is managing the goushala. Green grass is being produced in about 2 acres and also pasture for  grazing freely. There are 175 cow sheds with a  cattle rearing capacity of 162 . Presently there are 83 cows, 20 bulls and 59 calves making a total of 162.

Breeds: Mixed breeds, Gou Bank.

Products : Gobar, Arka and Floor Cleaner are being produced.

Contact Details: K. S. Bhat-9423091930(M)

                                   Usha Bhat-9869482205(M)

                                   E-mail :


Address: Kolhad, RohTaluk, Raigad District, Maharastra.