Animal food through CSR project of SAP lab


Maaloor: Technicians of SAP lab of Bengaluru provided animal food worth 1.25 lakhs to Sri Raghavendra Gou ashram under the social responsibilities of the institutes.

The president of the Kamadugha trust Dr. Y V Krishna Murthy spoke on this occasion and said that it is our responsibility to conserve Indian cow breeds. The A2 milk obtained from indigenous cows has medicinal properties and is very good for health, he said.

More than 40 technicians volunteered in cleaning the surroundings of the Goushaala and removing weeds from the premises. They also collected information about the indigenous cow breeds.

The animal food consisting of 58 bags of oilcakes, 58 bags of boosa, 10 bags of oilcakes of cotton seeds which was provided through CSR project of SAP lab was handovered on this occasion.

Rajesh, Sushma, Pavan of SAP lab private limited, Dorai of Home foundation, Ramachandra Ajjakkaana of the Gouaashrama, Krishna Bhat, Lakshimeesha, Ananth Hegde were present

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