Make A Donation… Donations to our causes are exempt from IT under section 80G of Indian Income Tax


We accept donations for the following causes:

1.    Adoption of Cattle – Gou Bandhu

2.    Saving Cows from slaughter houses – Gousanjivini

3.    General Donations, including donations for GouSwarga

You may transfer the fund to our bank accounts through Online Banking OR

UPI (BHIM App –> “Account+IFSC” method). Bhim

Please find the bank account details:

Kamadugha Trust (R) – General Donation including for GouSwarga:

  • Account Name: KAMADUGHA TRUST
  • Account Number: 0992500103606701
  • Bank: Karnataka Bank Ltd
  • Branch Name: Srinagar Bangalore
  • IFSC code: KARB0000099

Gou Bandhu – Donation for adopting Cattle: 

  • Account Name: GOU BANDHU
  • Account Number: 0902500102152001
  • Bank: Karnataka Bank Ltd
  • Branch Name: Basavanagudi Bangalore
  • IFSC code: KARB0000090

Gou Sanjivini – Donation for saving cattle from slaughtering & cruelty: 

  • Account Name: GOUSANJIVINI
  • Account Number: 1202500100355501
  • Bank: Karnataka Bank Ltd
  • Branch Name: RT Nagara Bangalore
  • IFSC code: KARB0000120

Donors are requested to send Donor’s Name, Address, Contact number, Transaction Reference, Amount, PAN # to

(Currently only donations in Indian Rupee are possible. Indian nationals residing abroad can donate as well)