Fodder supply to  Amruthadhara Goushaala, Peraje by Matrutvam

Amruthadhaara Goushaala, Peraje, Maani is one of the Goushalas of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha. Gir breed cows, oxen are being taken care here.

On 26/12/19 dry grass was offered to Sri Ramchandrapura Matha’s Amruthadhaara Goushala of Maani Peraje by Matrutvam. With the president of the Mani Matha Seva Samithi Sri Haarakare Narayan Bhat’s initiation Gou pooja was performed and fodder was distributed.

Matrutvam Central Committee’s Vivekalakshmi Mallika G Bhat, secretary of Puttur city committee Eshwari Ramakrishna Bhat, treasurer Shwetha Kaadoor, coordinators of the Seva committee of SriMatha, Archaka Vigneshwar Bhat and elites of the village were present.