“Gou Day” was celebrated in Gouswarga

Siddapur :  It was the auspicious day of Makara Sankramana when sun changes the direction from South to North. The direction changes from the God of death Yama to the God of wealth Kubera, it goes from hell to heaven. Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Maha Swamiji of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha has said that the doors of heaven open during Makara Sankramana. In the premises Sri Ramadeva Matha of Bhanukuli on the occasion of Makara Sankranti “Goudina” programme was celebrated in the divine presence of SriSamsthana, on this occasion SriSamsthana gave Ashirvachana and said that the festival of milk and Gousantarpane were celebrated in this land which is not the heaven that appears after death but is the heaven on earth available while being alive. Goukala programs including music and yakshagana are being arranged here. Special Goupooja, Goutulaabhaara, Teertharaja Mahasnaana, Uyaale seve were conducted here. The cows in Gouswarga never scream in pain, they always express joy. There’s a belief that our sins will be gone by just witnessing Gou. If we do praashana of Goumootra and panchagavya its goodness will soak into our body from bones to our skin. But even though we consume milk 365 days of the year we disregard Gou. We are not celebrating Goudina like other days that celebrate. Goudina should be officially announced to be celebrated at least one day in a year in Karnataka, in the country, in the whole world, He said. In farmers houses cows are teared by being tied. They don’t get food when they are hungry. Only when the owner provides they get food and water. The milk that is meant to be had by the calf is also taken away by us. But the picture in Gouswarga is totally different. The cows here at Gouswarga have no obstructions. Nutritious food whenever they are hungry, water when thirsty, sunlight when it’s cold, cool shade when it’s hot are all available here at Gouswarga. The milk that is for calf is also not taken away. The breeds from Kanyakumari to Kashmir are freely roaming around here. Gouswarga is literally heaven to the cows here. On this occasion “Aadyota” web paper created by Ganesh Bhat Hosoor, Shridhar Hegde Maddinakeri was inaugurated by SriSamsthana and He said that let this media spread light in the lives of the people. Let it shine in the state, nation and world He blessed and wished well to everyone.

On this occasion the president of the Mangalore Dakshina Kannada milk association Raviraja Hegde who was present spoke and said that Gou is the mother of the earth and an abode of 33 crores of Gods. He also donated 50 thousand rupees and said that the association will support Gouswarga’s progressive works to conserve the cows even in the future. The managing director of the milk association Dr G V Hegde, District Panchayat members M G Hegde Gejje, Nagaraj Naika Bedkani, Sumangala Naika, head of Samartha Bharatha district Guruprasad Hegde, president of Shivamogga district BJP Megharaj and others were present. Ganapathi Hegde Gunjagod compered. Goutulaabhaara was performed on this occasion. Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji inaugurated the Uyyaale seva.