Gou Sandhya

           Dear folks, Gou maata is the mother of the world. Behind every drop of human blood there is her down pour of milk, curds and ghee. She is the ambassador of maintaining a balance in nature, that makes “Vasundara” “Sasyashamala” which means that keeping the earth filled with flora and fauna. Gou maata is a unique creation of the almighty. She is the energy that lights the lives of man. The abode of crores and crores of Gods, presence and visuals of Gou maata is considered extremely sacred. GouSandhya is one opportunity to provide a free atmosphere to experience such flow of energy. Every person who reads invitation is hereby requested to consider this as rather “my” programme and not “our” programme and personally invite other individuals and should be a witness to the GouSandhya programme of Hosaad.

          Along with this, on that day organic food/eatables stalls are being put up in cooperation with Kumta Mandala’s valayas. Gougraasa counter will provide company to children with calves as Nandagokula. In between there will be a tall Gouvardhanagiridhaari. Krishna Murthy’s shop of Gou products. Before the stage events there will be flute playing performance by Sri Sridhar Hegde Gaanamoole and musical performance Srimathi Reshma Bhat followed by stage events that begin with honouring donators for the Gou Bank. Honouring Gopaalakas, honouring the lifetime member of Goushaala, informative lecture about the significance of Indian cow breeds by Sri Ramesh. Cultural programs by the students of Pragathi Vidyalaya, Mooroor and Saraswathi Vidya Kendra Kumta follows by moonlight dinner.