Home Tract : Mysore, Mandya, Bangalore, Kolar, Tumkur, Hassan, Chitradurga districts of                                         Karnataka

Type             : Draught. Best draught breed of southern India.Medium sized, compact &                                        muscular. Most of south Indian breeds have originated from this breed.                                                    Male calves are allowed to suckle full milk.

Skin              : Grey to dark grey with deep shading on fore & hindquarters, Light grey                                            markings  on the face,dewlap & under the body.

Forehead     : Prominent, slight bulgy appearance. Furrow in the middle. Face is long.

Muzzle         : Grey to black

Horns           : Closely at base from the top of poll, backward long, forward bend. Tip is black &                           sharp.

Ears              : Small, tapering to a point

Tail               : Switch is black.