Protect Cow, make her fearless

  1. Would you please explain the concept of Abhayakshara?
    The people are the king in a democracy. The government exists at the tip of their fingers. They can make or break the government reigning on their fingers tips. Abhayakshara is using this power for the protection of the cows. Along with that main reason, it also aims to document the immense majority in the society for the cow. Carrying this message to the government ( the administration)to facilitate the ban on killing cows is another objective.
  2. What is the need for such stress and the importance of Abhayakshara now?
    The country stands on the cow, Dharma stands on the cow’s shoulders, in all, human being’s life stands on the basis of the cow. Despite this, the Indian breed cows are facing extinction due to constant killing and cross-breeding. Hence, the stress on the importance of protecting the cows. As all other routes have failed, the route of people’s power has to work.
  3. How does this information reach the society? Their reaction?
    The idea is to reach the people through the Gou Parivaras being formed at the District, Taluk, and village levels along with the numerous karyakarthas who have taken the Gou Deeksha.