Sri Raghavendra Gou Ashrama, Gangapura, Malur

A unique goushala called Sri Raghavendra Gou Ashrama at Malur, Kolar dist. which is just 40kms away from Bengaluru running under the guidance of H H Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha. This goushala is boon to the draught-hit land. Rajasthan’s Kankrej, Gujarat’s Gir, Andhra’s Ongole, Tamilnadu’s Baragur, Karnataka’s Hallikar, Devani, Javari breed cows are sheltered here. Malenadu Gidda, which is the crown of the indigenous cow breeds, is also nurtured here.

Sri Raghavendra Gou Ashrama is a nice relaxing place for the people of Bengaluru who are stuck in the problems of traffic, pollution, and work stress in this concrete world. Cows enjoy freely in the vast 10 acre goushala. Calves leap and jump here. This goushala, which has more than 230 cows of 8 breeds, is soothing for everyone from children to aged. Goushala’s source of income is from goumutra, goumaya, organic fertilizer, ghee and from donors. A Gober gas plant is also present; efforts are being made to grow fodder grass, vegetables and medicinal plants. Along with taking care of indigenous cows, cow based industry is also established.

Breeds: Malenadu Gidda, Kankrej, Gir, Ongole, Baragur, Hallikar, Devani, Javari

Products: Goumutra(Cow Urine), Goumaya(Cow dung), Desi Ghee, Organic fertilizer.

Contact Details : Manager – 8197958466

Address: Sri Raghavendra Gou Ashrama,
Bangalore Road, Gangapura Village,
Yashwantapura Post – 563130
Malur Tq, Kolar Dist.

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