Sri RamachandrapuraMatha stands with Shivayoga Mandira providing the necessary fodder for cows

Shivayoga Mandira situated at Badami Taluk of Bagalakote District, is known as the place where saints are created . Also it is one of the biggest manufacturing unit of Pure and Traditional Vibhooti. Shivayoga Mandira has a GouShala consisting of more than 500 cows. Due to flood and it’s after effects those cows were starving without fodder. When Sri RamachandrapuraMatha came to know about this, SriMatha sprung into action.  Chitradurga GouParivara arranged a load of green fodder and transported to Shivayoga Mandira on 13-8-2019 in coordination with R.K.Bhat, Samyojaka of GouParivara and Shishir Hegde of LokaSamparka .  Sri Mahalingappa of Bagalakote GouParivara and Gavyayurveda doctor Sri Anil Shetter were present during the unloading of fodder at Shivayoga Mandira.