Research on Cows

Cow related Researches

1. Cows Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent :

Kumari Namrata Y. Mahurker

Dessertation for MSc Microbiology 2006, Shri Shivaji Education Society / Amravti’s Science College, Nagpur

– Gram Negative, Gram Positive bacteria, Fungi were significantly inhibited by concentrated cows urine.

Some of the constituents of urine which is related for microbicidal properties

Halogenated Phenol                –     Antifungal.

2 Phenyl Phenol                     –     Antimicrobial, Antiviral

Carbolic acid, Manganese       –     Antibacterial, Pesticidal

Aurum Oxide                          –     Antimicrobial, Antitoxic.

2. Antigenotoxic| Ameliorative effect of Ark in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes :

Dr. Datta, S. Saravana Devi, K. Krishnamurthi, T.Chakravarthi.

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur.

The Ark and Redistilled ark is found to possess total antioxidant status of around 2.6mmol contributed mainly by volatile fatty acids (1500mg|litre). These fatty acids and other antioxidants might be responsible for the observed ameliorative effect. The chromosomal aberration caused by chemicals could be ameliorated by redistilled Ark (1,50,100ul) Antioxidant status in distillates-0.8mmol.Redistillate-2.6mmol.(ammonicalnitrogen- 15mg|litre).

3. Effect of Cow Urine  on Wounds :

A.K. Maheshwari, A.K.Gupta, AK Das, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. 263145.

Cow Urine is having antiseptic properties. The urine implicated Wounds were found less infected and healing time is also less when compared to antiseptic cream. Administration of fresh urine orally has added effect on wound healing due to immunological properties.

4. Effect of cows urine on health :

Dr. Amita Gupta, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandary, Mathura

Paper presented for MVSc in 2003.

5. Effect of Malanad Gidda Cows Urine :

BSc – MicrobiologyProject Report 2005-2006, SRN Shetty memorial College,. Shimoga

Malanad Gidda cows urine is having antifungal activity. The metabolites of fungus during this process, is antimicrobial also. That is to say urine exerts direct action on fungus and indirectly on bacteria’s also.

6. Effect of Arka in various diseases :

Chandrashekhar Kundle, Bharat chauragade, Ajith Rawal, Nagpur

Paper presented in World Ayurveda Congress-2002.

Physical and Chemical composition of Urine and Arka and its effects on human beings is detailed.

7. Prevention of Pathogenic Free Radicals through Cow Urine :

A.K. Singh, P.K. Singh, L.K. Singhal, D.K.Agarwal, College of  Veterinary and Animal Science, Pantnagar, IVRI Izatnagar

Free radicals are molecules, which have lost electron. These free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule and steal the electron. This is a chain reaction of destruction. They can attack enzymes, fat, proteins, etc and causes DNA to mutate.

The Oxygen Free radicals (Reactive oxygen species) are produced due  to – Phagocytes, Mitochondria function, Inflammation, Heavy Exercise,Cigarettes,Smoking,Pollution, adiation, Chemicals, Drugs, Altered Ozone level, Moulds, Burned Meat.

They cause mutation of cells. This in turn may predispose for – Parkinson’s Disease, Alzhimor’s Disease, Cancer, Sclerosis, Stroke, Stress, Fibrosis, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, Aging

Cows’ urine prevents the free radicals formation.

8. Study of skin of Indigenous cows , Cross Bred cows and Exotic cows :

Dr. Govindayya, Dean, Veterinary college, Shimoga.

MVSc theses       – 1974

The Sebaceous glands of Desi cows are bigger in size, shape and are in larger number. So that they produce more sebum.

9. Effect of Arka on chromosomal aberration :

Dipanwita Datta Submitted for MSC in Environment Science, Indira Gandhi Academy of Environmental Education Research, Jiwji university, Gwaliar (UP).

The Arka could protect mitomyncin C  induced chromosomal aberration . The Arka has Volatile acids about 39mg/ltrs. These Volatile Acids are Antioxidants, which show the ameliorating effect on DNA and protect DNA damage.

10. Stage IV Oropharyngeal Carcinoma undergoes complete Regression due to cow urine theropy :

Dr. Satyashanker Varamudi, Kasaragod.

11. Anti Cancer properties of cow Urine :

K Darma, R.S. Chauhan L. Singhal, IVRI, Izatnagar

The cow Urine Therapy is suggested to poses potent Anti Cancer abilities. The following properties are in listed as responsible for Anti Cancer Results.

DNA repairing potential :

Cow urine efficiently repairs the damaged DNA. Damage of DNA by chemicals is the major cause for Cancer. This property reduces the spread of malignant cancers and helps fighting tumor.

Apoptosis inhibition :

Lymphocytes under go suicidal tendency due to chemicals. Lymphocytes are major cells, which fights against cancer cells. Cow urine reduces an apoptosis of Lymphocytes.

Antioxidant Property :

The volatile  fatty acids show antioxidant properties which controls damage in DNA.

Antimicrobial Activity :

Many viruses are causing cancer. These microbes are killed by cow urine.

Bioenhancing Property :

Bioenhancing are substances which promote and augment the bioactivity or bioavailabilty or uptake of drugs. This will reduce the dosage & duration of antibiotic therepy and anticancer drugs like Taxol.Taxol is used in MCF-7 (breast cancer cells).

Anti free radicals :

The free radicals cause cell damage thereby inducing tumour cell growth or causes aging. Cows’ urine prevents free radicals.

Immounomodulating activity :

Cow Urine has vital potential to enhance the activity of macrophages. Lymphocytes (both T & B cells) humoral cellular immunity, cytokines (Interlukine 1 & 2).

12. Increase of Immunity through Cows Urine (various  Parameters) :

  • B cell blastogenesis – 59.50%
  • T cell blastogenesis – 64.00%
  • Serum IgG level – 19.80%
  • Serum IgM level – 19.00%
  • Serum IgA level – 0.53%
  • Macrophage function – 104.00%
  • DTH reaction – 126.00%
  • Interlukin 1 level – 30.90%
  • Interlukin 2 level – 11.00%

On the basis of chemical fingerprinting of Urine of different animals like Indigenous, cross bred, exotic, buffaloe, it is shown that Indigenous cow’s urine is highly effective whereas it is almost nil in cross bred, exotic cows and buffaloes. The special constituent in Desicow’s urine is ‘Rasayan tatwa’ which is responsible for immune system and bioenhancer property.

13. Method of distinguishing Human & Bovine Milk samples based on soluble Phosphate content :

Sangeeta Mehta, C.S.Nautiyal

Sahiwal cows milk is closer to human mother’s milk because of its significantly lower soluble phosphate level when compared to H.F or Buffaloe.

14. Evaluation of Sedative and anticonvulsant activity of Unmadanashak Ghrita :

Girish S. Achilya, Sudhir Wadekar, A.K. Dorle, Nagpur University. Nagpur.

Paper presented in 9/10/2003.

Unmadanashak Ghrita is a Ayurvedic formulation containing Ferula Narthex, Gardenia Gummifera, Ellataria cardamom, Bacopa monneri, Cowsghee(76%) Unmadanashak Ghrita has CNS depressant and anticonvulsant activity.

15. Effect of cow urine fertilizer on quality of Pasture :

Aoyagi  Noojiro et- at Gumma Ken Nogyo, Skikenjo Hokokku 1974.

The application of Urine resulted in a marked increase of grass growth and this did not effect soil quality.

16. The Urine of Sacred cows :

G. Paul Moore, 7.2.2006. Suny Upstate Medical University.Otolaryngology & Communication Science, Syracuse, New York.

I recall doing research about 25years ago. When I came across a recipe for a potion that had reportedly been used in India many years before for the treatment of Laryngitis. Among other ingredients it contained the urine of sacred cows. This seems to be quite potent ingredient that, to this day, is used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of anything from stomach ailment to cancer. It can be mixed with herbs or taken straight. And I also learned that it is imported from India for use as a biopesticide. A good friend of mine said, ” Everything old is new again”.

17. Bioactivities of Cow Urine and Arka in agriculture :

Central Institute of Medical & Aromatic Plants, Lucknow – 226015

Addition of cow’s urine in composting pits led to production of superior quality vermicompost with higher concentrations of major macro and micro nutrients. Such Vermicompost was found to be superior in terms of useful microflora(fungi, bacteria, actionmyces).

18. Development of Cow Urine based disinfectant – 13.11.2005 :

S.A.Mandavgane, A.K.Rambhal, N.K.Mude, Priyadrshini  Institute of Engineering Technology, Nagpur-440019.

Herbal disinfectant :

Cow urine           –           25ml

Neem extract      –          37.5ml

Tulsi extract       –          37.5ml

Ritha extract       –         20ml

Pine oil                –         10ml

This product is added to 1 liter of water. This can be used on any surface like walls, floors, tiles, bathrooms, and toilets. The cow urine has natural disinfectant and antiseptic qualities. The main constituent of cow urine that shows disinfectant activity is carbolic acid, which is a mixture of Phenol and Cresol.

19. Cow Urine has Anti Leishmania effect :

Sarman Singh, All India Institure of Medical Sciences- New Delhi.

Leishmaniasis (Kala azar) is a highly endemic disease in Indian Sub continent. The cow urine shows strong growth inhibitory  action where as human urine found growth stimulator.

20. Comparision of Mineral Profile in Urine of Cross breed, Sahiwal and Non-descript cow :

GS Parihar, MKS Rajput, AK Upadhyay, M.Kumar, College of Veterinary Animal Science, Pantnagar.

Concentration of some mineral like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium were compared in the urine. Non descript cows showed maximum concentration of Zinc, Potassium, Calcium ,but Iron is lowest. Cross-breed cattle’s showed minimum concentration of Zinc, Potassium, Calcium, but Iron is highest. Sahiwal cows showed average concentrations.

This is to say that the concentration of minerals in urine of different breeds differs.

21. Effect of Panchagavya on E. coli in procured Milk :

A.Subramaniam, MD – CDCMPU. Pachapalayan, Coimbatore.

Panchagavya – Urine, Dung, Milk, Curds, Ghee and Sugarcane juice, Tender coconut water and Bananas mixed and kept for 21days.The result throws more light on the mechanic of selective destruction of E.coli in procured milk.

22. Conjugated Lineolic acid – anti a cancer compound in milk :

Dale Bauman, Professor of Animal Science, Cornell Reasearch Farm Dryden.

Conjugated Lineolic acid suppresses carcinogens and inhibits colon| prostate | ovary | breast cancers and leukemia. CLA even in extremely low concentrations (0.05/=) in milk inhibits carcinogens.

23. Effect of Cow Urine on Biochemical Parameters of white leghorn layers :

Nidhi Garg, Ashok Kumar, R.S.Chauhan, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. Pantnagar, IVRI, Izatnagar.

Cow Urine was given to the treated group at 1ml per bird :

Serum Protein                 –            14.71% increase

Serum Glucose               –            37.81% increase

Serum Calcium                –           28.85% increase

Serum cholesterol            –           30.26% increase

24. Effect of cow urine an Lymphocyte Proliferation in developing stages of chicks :

P.Kumar, G.K. Singh, R.S.Chauhan, P.P.Singh, College of Veterinary and Animal Sceince. Pantnagar, IVRI  Izatnagar.

Distilled cow urine at 10ml|litre of drinking water was given to the chicks from age 0 to 28 days. T-cell and B-cell blastogenesis assay was performed. Lymphocyte proliferation assay shows that there is T and B cells become functional with increasing efficacy from day of hatch.

25. Effect of cow Urine on the Production & quality Traits of Eggs :

Nidhi Garg, A.Kumar, R.S. Chauhan, L.K. Signhal, M. Lohani, IVRI,  Izatnagar.

There is significant increase in egg production egg weight, shape index, albumin length, albumin index, yolk index, and shell thick-ness, shell weight. This can be used as feed additive to get good quality eggs.

26. Cow’s urine concoction :

A Traditional Herbal preparation commonly administered to convulsing children in Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria.

Paper presented in University of Ife, Nigeria.

27. A study of the effect of Ashtamangal Ghrit on Intelligence :

C.V. Gore, A.K. Dorle, Department of Psychology. Nagpur Univercity. Govigyan Anusandham Kendra Nagpur.

4 gms of Ashtamangal Ghrit was given every day for 4 months to the students. Academic performance and Intelligence test was performed. The result showed favorable effect on the intelligence of students.

28. Agnihotra – effect on air borne microorganisms :

Archana, Divya, Shalini,Suma, BSc Microbiology – Project Report, SRN Shetty Memorial College, Shimoga

The use of cowdung cake and cows pure ghee releases Formaldehyde, Ethylene oxide, Propylene Oxide,  B-propiolactone, acetylene. These gases are ecofriendly and they purifies air.

There was 100% reduction in fungal count and 94% reduction in  bacterial count. The Agnihotra ash can be used it seed treatment, soil treatment and human medicines also.