Safe Shelter

It was 11th August 2019, at around 1 am in the night, few Police personnel came with a tempo to Ramashrama, Girinagar. Our people there in Ramashrama were surprised to see a very young Hallikar breed bull inside the tempo.

Police then informed that, they caught the tempo in which a bull was being illegally transported to slaughter house. After their enquiry & procedure that police carried in the mid night, confiscated the vehicle and booked a case against the vehicle owner & the driver.

Since, there were no enough place at Girinagar Police Station to take care the rescued bull, Police then decided to bring the bull to Sri Ramachandrapura Matha ~ well known for protecting desi cows & bulls.

Police who were convinced that cows & bulls are safe in Sri Ramachandrapura Matha came to Ramashrama in the wee hour & handed over the bull at around 1.30 am.

People at Sri Ramachadrapura Matha who are well known for protecting Desi Breed cattle, happily welcomed the bull, and immediately, took the bull to a safe place.

Bull was looking very tired and freighted. Immediately thereafter, the bull was fed and water was offered to the rescued cattle.

On the next day morning, Doctor examined the bull thoroughly to make sure bull is healthy & without any injury.

On 11th afternoon, Police came to Sri Ramashrama with a letter explaining the above fact, got our signature on the letter and also handed over a copy of the said letter to us. They requested to keep the said bull with us till their further instructions.

Now, the rescued bull is well taken care by Sri Ramachadrapura Matha at Girinagar, Bengaluru.