Service is closer to Godliness: Raghaveshwara Sri

Siddapur: Service is not degrading, it is a step higher than humanity, it is the greatest. If commoners think about them and themselves, God thinks invariably about the benefit of the world. The people who live for the society will become Godly themselves, the emperor of the earth Sri Ramachandra also never thought about Himself and works for the sake of development and improvement of the living beings of the whole of the earth, said Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha.
On the occasion of “Sarvasevaka Samavesha” organised in the premises of Gouswarga in SriRamadeva Bhanukuli Matha, SriSamsthana gave Ashirvachana and said if the well wishes for the whole of the earth is Rama’s then the well wishes for the whole sevaka community is Hanumantha’s. Service is a step closer to Godliness. In service there is positivity, there is surrender. People who are patriotic and owe to the country should become soldiers. People who have the time, who are hospitable, who are capable and have companionship should become sevakas. The sevakas should have the concentration and aim like that of Arjuna. The devotees are never orphans, in any situation GuruPeetha will always be with you. There Guru’s intention to build cooperation amongst the volunteers. The qualities of both father and mother are in the GuruPeetha. We will become the ears for the voices in pain. We are in the SaptaSannidi of Gouswarga and we don’t have to worry about the bearable capacity of SriMatha. Going forward there is the light from Vishwa Vidya Peetha, a very bright future is ahead of us. A university that was not thought about by anyone in 1500 years and which has Takshasheela as model is going to rise. In the future our journey should be towards RamaRajya and RamaCharana, SriSamsthana said and taught the conservation oath and gave blessings to everyone.

Vidwan Jagadeesh Sharma Sampa gave speech about the directions and informed everyone about the role of the volunteers in the growth of SriMatha. Sri Samrajya Pattabhisheka that was conducted on the occasion of 1008 Ramayana Paaraayana that was organised for the sake of improvement and benefit of the society was also conducted grandly on this occasion. The CEO of SriMatha K.G Bhat, the president of Havyaka Mahamandala R.S Hegde Haragi, head secretary Nagaraj Bhat Pidamale, president of Maatrutwam Eshwari Berkadavu, Sri Samyojaka of Seva Khanda Mahesh Chatnalli, and administrative coordinators participated in this event.

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