Special Deepavali Goupooja programme in Gouswarga


Gouswarga: Unique programmes were held at Sri Ramadeva Bhanukuli Matha which is a shelter place for thousands of cows, on the occasion of Deepavali.

The programme was inaugurated with Goupooja. Hundreds of devotees served Gou through Goupooja. Teertharaja Mahasnaana was performed. In Gou Tulaabhaara programme Gou’s food, Hindi was used for Tulaabhaara.

To introduce Gou products to the tourists who visit Gouswarga, Swargasudha food stall was started. The Tashildhar of Siddapur, Manjula Bhajantri visited Gouswarga and gave Gougraasa and appreciated the systems and facilities there. Evening in the Swargasangeeta programme Sri Prakash Hegde Kallaaremane played the flute. Nitin Hegde Kalgadde supported in Tabala.

The programme ended with GouGanga aarati and Gou Deepotsava. Inspire of heavy rain showers Goupremis participated in the Gou Deepotsava. Gou Prasada was distributed to everyone.

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