Sri Satyanarayana Pooja for the public

In the presence of Gouvardhanagiridhari Sri Gopalakrishna residing in MahaNandi Gouloka Sri Satyanarayana Pooja Kathavachana is being performed for the public on every full moon day.
The Pooja programme for the sixth month was performed by head Archaka Vedamurthy Satish Bhat along with two of his students Bharata and SriHarsha. This was performed with headship of Gururaj couple from Shivamogga.
Members of the committee, Malali Anant Bhat, Shankaranarayana Maagalu, Shankar Bhat Kanivebaagilu, Nellunde Nagendraraayaru, the crew of the Gouloka, Gopaalakas, managers of SriMatha and hundreds of devotees participated.
This full moon day 114 Seva was completed. The Pooja Katha Shravana that started at 6pm in the eveningĀ  concluded with Mahamandala and distribution of Teertha-Prasada at around 8:30pm.