Successful Gou Sandhya programme: More than 4000 people become the witness

Kumta: The annual Gou retreat and moonlight dinner programme of the Gou lovers was successfully held with the divine blessings of SriSamsthana, at Amruthadhaara Goushaala of Hosaad which is known as the only Gou Bank in the world and is striving and working towards the conservation of indigenous cows.

The president of Amruthadhaara Goushaala Srimathi Bharathi Patil inaugurated the programme by lighting lamp. On this occasion Gou Nirmala ( phenyl house cleaner) made out of pure Goumootra and Goumedha made out of pure cow dung were launched.

The president of Sankalpa Organisation of Yellapura, Pramod Hegde who had arrived as the chief guest for the programme spoke on this occasion and said that if a revolution begins by the people who strive for Gou then it seems to begin from Hosaad. Goushaala is doing a great job. The Hosaad Goushaala will inspire people to create a revolution for the sake of Gou. He also congratulated the works of Amruthadhaara Gou Bank in order to conserve the indigenous breeds of cows. Inspite of obstacles coming before the works of the Matha, it is glad to know that the management of the Goushaalas of Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji is going on smoothly, he expressed. There are no words to describe the associative work of the devotees, he said.

On this occasion chief guest Chakravarthi Soolibele spoke and said, we should consider Goumaata as our own mother. It is our duty to protect the indigenous cow breeds. Our ancestors knew about the significance of the Indian cows and had great concern about them. We shouldn’t bring up Gou, Gou should bring us all up, he expressed.

Legislator Dinakar Shetty who released fund to concretise the road that goes to Hosaad Goushaala was honoured and spoke on this occasion. He informed that he would provide complete support to all the progressive works and be with the Goushaala and SriSamsthana.

The head of the N.D.R scientist Dr K P Ramesh informed about the difference amongst Malenadu Gidda, buffalo and Jersey breeds. Amongst the animals that give milk, the milk of Malenadu Gidda is the most significant. He also said that the milk of the cows from this Goushaala are beneficial in avoiding many diseases. He informed about the benefits of the Goumootra and cow dung of Desi cow and explained about how conservation of indigenous cows can also be profitable.

The donators and volunteers who served at that Goushaala were honoured. On behalf of the director of Lasa super generics Mumbai, S G Hegde, his parents and advocate in the high court and Goupaalaka, Dr. Vishnu Hegde Kadneeru, and R G Bhat Bhaggon who has immensely cooperated with the Goushaala were all honoured.

Cultural programmes were performed by the students of Pragathi Vidyalaya Mooroor and Konkana education trust. Sri Sudheer Hegde Kaanmoole played the Bansuri and Reshma Bhat gave a musical performance.

The president of the Goushaala Muralidhara Prabhu welcomed everyone. Treasurer Subraya Bhat gave the report. These secretary M K Hegde gave vote of thanks. Organizational Branch’s Sri Samyojaka Manjunath Bhat Suvarnagadde, president R.S Hegde Harage, president of the GouSandhya committee G. R Ugru, Arun Hegde and Ganesh Joshi compered the programme. About 4500 people witnessed this programme. Moonlight dinner was arranged. Instead of using the funds of the Goushaala for the dinner it was sponsored by the heads and thus the funds were saved for the benefit of Gou and through this GouSandhya programme was a grand success.