The residing place indicates purity – Girish Bharadwaj

Sulya:  If we serve obediently wealth and name will search and come to us. The young community should not get attracted by the foreign culture of showoff and start loving our Swadeshi culture. Rain water gains purity by the place it falls upon. It is time to let go off the foreign breeds, and benefit by raring indigenous cows. There is no other animal that is as sensitive as the desi cows, our blood pressure can be brought to control just by caressing their bodies, said Padmashri Girish Bharadwaj.
He inaugurated the Malenadu Gidda Habba and the Farmer Training programmes organised in Sulya Shivakrupa Kala Mandira,  which were conducted in collaboration with the branch associations of Sri Samsthana Gokarna Jagadguru Maha  Samsthana Sri  Ramachandrapura Matha, Havya Mahamandala, Kamadugha Trust, Jedla Gopalakrishna Devaki Animal Conservation Centre, Maatrutwam, Bharatiya Gou Parivara Dakshina Kannada, aided by National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) south centre Bengaluru and K.L.D.A.N MEFCC project.
Display of Malenadu Gidda cows of various unique colours, food based on Malenadu Gidda cow and agricultural experiments/ demonstrations, display of different kinds of grass, honouring people who rare Malenadu Giddas, lecture by experts about the significance of Malenadu Gidda and the speciality of milk and other products, separate conference for students, Gou sandesha, Milk Festival, Satvik food festival and other vivid programmes were conducted. Various sweets made from the milk of Malenadu Gidda, rural eatables and various dishes made of jackfruit were for sale.
AGM of NABARD Ramesh S, Dr. Jayakumar, Dr. Gurumurthy from the Veterinary medical department, Veterinary medical officer of Sulya Dr. Nitin Prabhu, Dr. Keshava Sulli from KMF, Prof. Krishna Bhat, president of Kamadugha Trust Y.V Krishna Murthy, vice president Shailaja K T Bhat, president of Maatrutwam Eshwari Berkadavu were present on this occasion.
Maitri and Ashwini offered prayers. Subrahmanya Gabbaladka  compered the programme.